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“Edgar was in a car accident this afternoon.” The email read, “We will need to reschedule his interview this evening.”

The adventure that is life is profoundly unpredictable. You can be riding high, riding low, riding in the middle, or sitting next to your horse not even riding at all, and some tameless externality can run a stop sign and shatter your foregone conclusions into a million unforeseen events. It can also cancel your lunch plans.

When I received the email I was sitting in the sun-dappled courtyard of a West Hollywood hotel, ten minutes early for my meeting with Venezuela’s leading man, and ascending Hollywood hero, Edgar Ramirez. Two days later, in a different courtyard, at a gardened Hollywood brunch spot beneath a vivid citrus tree, Ramirez approached our table immaculately dressed in a black cotton V-neck, polished brown leather shoes, a broad smile, and Tom Ford shades.

“I was on Melrose heading to Paramount Studios,” he recounted, “and there was this lady who cut in front of us, she passed the stop sign, and we crashed into her. Our car was a total, my driver broke his hand, and his leg, and she got pretty messed up as well.’ Ramirez is calm, but clearly still in awe of the ordeal, ‘It puts things in perspective for you. It reminds you of the fragility of life. How suddenly you think you’re going one place, and then…”

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Edgar Ramirez: “Panama is my second home”

Edgar Ramirez is one of those actors who get so involved with the work that he moves to the place where the movie is filming.

While recording “Hands of Stone”, in which he plays the boxer Roberto Duran, he lived in Panama and has since remained in the country.

“My relationship with Panama is very intimate, I love this country, became my second home. In recent years I’ve basically lived in places where I shoot, but I fell in love with Panama. I’m here and I’m here whenever I can,” he said in a conversation during the International Film Festival of Panama, which began Thursday 7 April.

From his new home, which he likes most is the hospitality, the warmth of the people and the constant joy, “is very Caribbean, and as Venezuelan I feel very identified.”

In the roundtable discussion, held at the Jazz Club Danilo Old Town, Ramirez was also accompanied by Venezuelan Luis Silva, who starred in the movie ‘Desde Allá’, in which Edgar was a producer.

The film, directed by fellow Venezuelan Lorenzo Vigas (whom Ramirez knows from university and are good friends), won the Golden Lion for best film at the Venice Film Festival in September last year. The production had its world premiere during the festival.

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IFF Panama: Edgar Ramirez on ‘Hands of Stone’ and Playing a Latin American Role Model


Venezuelan-born actor Edgar Ramirez (“Joy,” “Carlos”) spoke to Variety at IFF Panama about his role as Panamanian boxer, Roberto Duran, in Jonathan Jakubowicz’s soon to be released “Hands of Stone,” also starring Robert de Niro, as his trainer, Usher as Sugar Ray Leonard, and Ellen Barkin, Ana de Armas, and Panamanian cult salsa singer, Ruben Blades.

Ramirez says that it was an honor to play Duran, who was nicknamed “Hands of Stone” because his hard hits led him to 103 wins in 119 fights. He considers Duran to be the greatest-ever Latin American boxer and one of the top ten all-time greats.

The pic is produced by Jay Weisleder, Carlos Garcia de Paredes, Claudine Jakubowicz and Jakubowicz of La Piedra Films and the executive producers include Ben Silverman, Max Keller, George Edee, Ricardo del Rio and Roberto Duran’s son, Robin Duran.

Robert de Niro championed the film for a long time, even before becoming involved as an actor in the pic. Ramirez says that he worked with helmer Jonathan Jakubowicz right from the beginning of the project and helped put the different partners together.

The Panamanian government put up significant funding for the pic, which lensed for four months in Panama in 2014, as well as a one-week shoot in New York. The production involved 15,000 Panamanian extras.

The pic is primarily Spanish-language with some English.

At Cannes in 2015, The Weinstein Company outbid Relativity to secure U.S. distribution rights, with a commitment to release on 2,000 screens. According to Ramirez, the pic will bow on 2,600 screens on August 26, which he says will make it the biggest ever U.S. opening for a Latin American film.

“I think it’s a great movie,” says Ramirez. “It not only tells the tale of a legendary Latin American boxer, it also tells the story of a man who became a hero in his country and his region. Panama has somehow always been a country under foreign control, so there’s always been a question of identity. Roberto Duran in many moments, including in some of the most difficult moments in the country’s history, has served as an instrument of unification and celebration of the pride of the country, and that’s is very beautiful.”


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Edgar Ramirez: Point Break crew became brothers


The Venezuelan star plays robber Bodhi in the action remake – which was originally made in 1991 and starred Patrick Swayze and Keanu Reeves – about a thrill-seeking group of surfers who are under investigation by the FBI.

And Ramirez says the cast – including Luke Bracey, Ray Winstone and Delroy Lindo – formed a bond with the stuntmen, many of whom were athletes and experts in physical fitness, because of the respect they had for their amazing physical abilities.

He said: “When I tell people about it, I get a huge sense of pride and excitement to these guys. They brought so much authenticity to the film and made us all proud … We all became brothers, among the actors and the athletes. They’re all our friends. It’s amazing. This world is extreme, but it’s not a macho culture.”

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6 excellent pieces of life advice from Edgar Ramirez

Source: (December 2015)


Edgar Ramirez spent six months traveling the world for the updated version of the Patrick Swayze and Keanu Reeves classic Point Break and something in the filming of the bro-tastic surfing drama seems to have stuck with him.

Ramirez spoke to For The Win about his new movie and the conversation took a decidedly existential and philosophical turn along the way. The longer we talk, the more Ramirez starts to sound like the character he plays, Zen-master Bodhi. In discussing the film, Ramirez starts bringing up topics like self-determination and the spiritual renewal of the human spirit. He’s not afraid to go deep.

It sounds hokey, but Ramirez speaks with a conviction, passion and sincerity that’s hard to ignore. Listen to him and you might walk away just a little bit inspired.


To do justice to the re-imagining of the Point Break story, Ramirez knew that they had to put aside the safety of Hollywood studios and go out into the open. The film shot in 11 different countries and the actors often hiked to remote locations humping their own gear.

“Someone asked me if I’d ever done a film this big before, and I said, ‘This big? Yes. But this crazy? Never.’”

While the film uses accomplished extreme sports athletes for many of the action sequences, Ramirez and co-star Luke Bracey (the new Johnny Utah) had to place themselves in precarious situations for some scenes, like the climatic “chase” scene up Angel Falls in Venezuela.

“We did a lot of rock climbing. The rock climbing is the safest, but still terrifying. Angel Falls goes up to three thousand meters, it’s very scary, of course, when you are just hanging from a rope and wire. That was the most extreme thing I did.”

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Video: Edgar Ramírez on the remake of Point Break


Danielle DeLaite interviews Edgar Ramirez for his role in the remake of Point Break.

All this week we’ll be running a series of interviews for Point Break, Ericson Core’s retelling of Kathryn Bigelow’s 1991 cult classic.

Today we catch up with Édgar Ramírez who reveals that he has taken up rock climbing, surfing and snowboarding following his six months of being involved in extreme sports for the making of the film.

He consulted with extreme athletes to research the character he plays in Point Break, and here he talks about the film asking people to take full responsibility for their choices in life whether, like Bodhi, they are subversive choices … or not.

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Interview for radio Exitos fm


At the pinnacle of his career in Hollywood he speaks to Joseph Pisano in Agenda Éxitos.

Comments on his participation in American movies Point Break and Joy: “For me as a Venezuelan and Latin American, the film is received so enthusiastically excited me a lot.”

He also indicated it gets nervous to promote two films, but is very proud of them. He spoke of the emotion he felt working with great actors and directors of the big screen: “It has been amazing experience,” he said.

Edgar talks about his work as a producer with director Spielberg in the film “The Girl on the Train” and support as executive producer on the film “From Beyond” with the Venezuelan director Lorenzo Vigas.

Listen to the full interview by the Circuito Éxitos.

Éxitos- El actor venezolano Édgar Ramírez by Unionradionet on Mixcloud

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Edgar Ramirez Talks Making of ‘Joy’ & ‘Point Break’


“Both are really meaningful to me. Both are fundamental emotional experiences to me,” said Ramirez in an exclusive interview with Latin Post.

Both movies coming out on the same day is a coincidence and a challenge for the actor as he has had to split his time promoting both films and making sure to give each project the same time.

“It is very unique. At the beginning I felt very torn because it’s like who do you love more? Dad or Mom?” he said. “Of course it’s not the ideal situation because you want to give your full attention to one thing. But I also try to make the best out of its situation and it’s a very unique moment and I’m trying to enjoy it. All I can say it’s like double feature for Christmas day.”

In “Joy,” Ramirez was working with David O. Russell and Jennifer Lawrence for the first time, an experience he relishes.

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