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Photos: Set of ‘American Crime Story’ in LA

Edgar Ramírez was snapped on the Los Angeles set of Versace: American Crime Story on Friday.

In the shots, Ramirez, who plays Gianni Versace in the Ryan Murphy production, was made up to sport a gory face with bloodstains and missing patches of flesh, prior to his character being wheeled away on a gurney in an emergency vehicle reading Miami Beach Fire Department on the side of it. (Source)

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Furlough – The Movie

Hey, Edgar’s fans around the world! Finally he told us what he is doing in Kingston – NY! It’s his new movie:


He is working for the 3rd time with Drena DeNiro as a producer! Let’s wait for more information about this new project! Our beloved Edgar is a nonstop workman and we appreciate it!! Stay tuned!