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Edgar Ramirez on his stolen timepieces and his new top tier collection


“In life, it’s very dangerous to measure your personal worth by the things you have — it’s a trap. Objects need to have a meaning to you because you relate to them in an organic way,” says Edgar Ramirez, wearing his red-gold Cartier Drive. He was photographed Nov. 3 at Le Petit Paris in Los Angeles.

In 2014, Edgar Ramirez experienced what every watch collector fears most: His timepieces were stolen from his apartment in Caracas, Venezuela. “I had just come back from the movies and saw all of my things on the floor. I didn’t have a safe, and the watches were in my kitchen because that was the place I would put them on before I left the house. They stole the only valuable thing that I had, which was my watches,” says the actor, 39.

It wasn’t the loss of the objects that bothered Ramirez so much as the trespassing on the moments in his life that each piece represented. To Ramirez — who was studying to become a diplomat before he decided to pursue acting in 2002 — his growing watch collection was a mirror in many ways of his rise in Hollywood, which has culminated this year in high-profile roles in August’s Roberto Duran biopic Hands of Stone, October’s The Girl on the Train and the upcoming crime adventure Gold alongside Matthew McConaughey.


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Edgar Ramirez joins Will Smith in Bright


With his cameras rolling in Los Angeles, David Ayer has not yet finished finding the people he wants to appear in crime drama/fantasy hybrid Bright. Will Smith and Joel Edgerton are the leads and now Edgar Ramirez is on board for a role.

Crafted as a spec script by Max Landis, Bright finds Smith and Edgerton as a human and an orc who must outrun the authorities, criminals and a variety of supernatural beings to protect a powerful magic wand. Lucy Fry is on as Tikka, a young elf with her own magical abilities who comes into possession of the wand and needs the leads’ help when dark forces try to hunt her down. As for Ramirez, he’ll be an elf named Kandomere, assigned to the FBI’s magic division.

Netflix is behind this one, which has yet to announce a release date. Ramirez, most recently seen in The Girl On The Train, is starring alongside Matthew McConaughey in Gold, due here on 2 February.

Dawn Olivieri and Kenneth Choi join Will Smith in Bright.